Shandong 2022 college entrance examination registration first implementation online qualification review full online

Original title: Shandong 2022 college entrance examination registration first implementation online qualification review full online processing 11-day official website spring and summer test separately, 2022 ordinary college enrollment examination registration is divided into online filling information, online qualification review, online confirmation and payment and other three stage. Summer college entrance examination information time is from November 11th to 17th, 2021 (9: 00-18: 00).

From November 18th to December 2, 2021, the specific time is determined by the city or county (city, district) enrollment examination institutions. December 3rd to 7th, 2021 (9: 00-18: 00 per day) Confirm payment, payment registration fee, foreign language listening test fee, sports professional test fee and art professional examination fee, other exam fee is selected in the level test subject At the time of the report, the time will be notified separately.

  Spring college entrance examination information time is from November 11th to 17th, 2021 (9: 00-18: 00). Applications "3 + 4" transduction candidates and "3 + 4" transitions and reported that the number of candidates from the spring college entrance examination is November 24, 2021. From November 18th to December 2, 2021, the specific time is determined by the admissions and examination institutions of each city or county (city, district). Confirm that the payment time is from December 3 to December 7, 2021 (9: 00-18: 00 per day), pay the registration fee, the spring college entrance examination skill test fee. Among them, only the "3 + 4" transduction candidates only pay the registration fee.

April 18, 2022 –20, 1998 (daily 9: 00-18: 00), to pay the cost of the spring college entrance exam knowledge. Candidates should fill the Internet within the specified time, modify and query information himself. Completing the registration process to log into the site (http: //), view the message, the personal information registration, upload personal photos, online sign a "good faith examination candidates undertaking", fill in personal information and submit information other steps. Spring and summer college entrance examination entrance examination candidates respectively corresponding to log in registration system, according to their procedures to complete the registration formalities.

Categories of candidates to be the right choice (category) and foreign language exam when candidates.

Single exam single stroke category candidates, the candidates have junior class within the stipulated time to complete the online registration according to the corresponding category. Cancel the whole scene qualification online check in previous years college entrance examination, after filling out personal information online, the next qualification so many people a headache. No matter where candidates learn to time the qualification, candidates must be rushed to the spot. The college entrance examination will be significant changes.

  Registration notice shows that in 2022, Shandong Province, the implementation of online college entrance qualification, including to confirm the identity, eligibility to apply for review.

Admissions department will confirm the candidate’s identity by the public security household registration information.

Not pass, only need to go to the county Admissions for identification through on-site verification.

Information cities, counties (cities, districts) entrance examination mechanism according to cities, counties (cities, districts) provides administrative departments of education, senior secondary school enrollment of candidates or qualifications for review. Non-graduating senior secondary school graduates should be required to upload the equivalent senior secondary school diploma or a certificate issued by the competent authority or evidence.

  Shandong Province has a household registration and enrollment in the province of high school graduates to apply, should be uploaded online information reporting provinces where school enrollment management issued by the executive branch high school student registration certificate, which the province of high school graduates apply for the entrance of the summer High school where the provinces need to upload the relevant provincial education department issued ordinary high school proficiency test scores qualified certificate or participate in ordinary high school proficiency test scores qualified Shandong province proof. Examination candidates shall be eligible to apply online through the county not (cities, districts) entrance examination institutions provided for carrying relevant documents on-site qualification. Higher single stroke Veterans candidates should be required to upload my retirement card. Through the qualification of candidates should be carried out online payment at a specified time, and carefully checked my bill payments.

Non-payment of registration fee and examination fees in the prescribed time candidates will be deemed to have waived its own registration and qualification examination.

  Less than a photo collection site to confirm such an important part in previous years to solve the accreditation site is photo collection. After canceling the scene confirmed that the photo how to collect Shandong Province Education Enrollment Examination Yuan to give detailed answers.

  According to the registration process for the 2022 college entrance examination will be reported in the online photo collection of personal information to complete the link. At 9:00 on November 11, candidates sign in registration platform (http: //) after following the instructions, enter the examinee registration link. After successful registration, the system will be sent to registered mobile phone SMS password.

Candidates will receive SMS password completed and click "Start Registration", the system verifies the correct selection page to open the entrance, entered the photo collection link. Photo collection two cases, the scene taking pictures or upload them directly qualified electronic photos.

Photographing the scene select white wall standing (or light blue, light gray background) before shooting with the rear camera may be selfie, elongated arm try it, being careful not sideways. To ensure image acquisition results, we recommend using the scan code in the registration image acquisition system functions, upload pictures themselves do not use the camera has the effect of beauty, do not fix map P map, and avoid public security household registration information alignment does not pass, do not pass the exam admission circumstances affecting examinations take place.

  If you upload multiple times unsuccessful, should contact the registration location counties (cities, districts) entrance examination institutions. Registration sites related to voluntary reporting Do not choose the wrong accordance with the provisions of Shandong Province with a household non-graduating senior secondary school graduates register at the residence where the counties (cities, districts) entrance examination institutions (hereinafter referred to as the county Admissions).

School graduating high school graduates with household Shandong Province, should apply in the county where the household registration or enrollment Admissions.

  Household in Shandong province, but in the provinces enrolled, enrollment in other provinces of the candidates, as candidates in Shandong Province, must register at the residence where the county Admissions.

Children in household employment of non Shandong Province (including Migrant Workers children) should be the county school enrollment in high school recruit school. Remind candidates to note is that for enrollment type (such as commuting, part of the public security institutions, etc.) required by the students, the candidates must submit their application at their hometown in order to enjoy the relevant admissions policy.

After registration of candidates shall not be altered to students. Jinan such as commuting plans three in Jinan, only admit students enrolled in the college entrance examination in Jinan.

Household in Jinan, but be sure to be careful when in the field Jie Du candidates choose to apply location.

  Since November 11, 2022 Shandong college entrance examination began. The registration information is still divided into online reporting, online qualification, online confirmation and payment three stages. Unlike in previous years, the Shandong will be the first online qualification manner. By then, the candidates will not need to rush to the scene to confirm eligibility.

This means that, in 2022, Shandong college entrance examination will be done by the whole network. Online qualification for the first time what the new changes brought about how to collect photos of Shandong Province Education Enrollment Examination Yuan to give detailed answers.

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