Panjin: Fully hit the three major attacks to enhance the people’s happiness

Original title: Since this year, Panjin pressure reduction is not urgently needed for non-rigid expenditure. Since this year, Panjin City has always adhered to the people-oriented thinking, try their best, and use "tight days" to change the people. " Good day. "

They pressed non-rigid expedition billions of non-rigid expenditure, and the three major attacks of preventing major risks, precisely poverty, pollution prevention and control, carried out the first batch of national urban social governance modernization, and continuously enhance the people’s feelings, happiness Sense, security. Resolutely lay a good fight against major risks.

At present, Panjin City has formed eight fields "1 + 4" plan and working mechanism, and refined to 57 kinds of anti-resolution measures, and the formation of a proofreading. Resolve government debt billions, debt risk control, order, moderate. In-depth development of the special struggle against the evil, and smashed 6 people involved in the criminal gangs involved. By launching the "five cleaning" work, the distribution of the idle project assets is 6.4 billion yuan, and the digestive office is batch and not for the 195 hectares of idle land, and there is 10,000 square meters of idle plant; Resolutely lay a precise and eloed poverty. Panjin City continued to maintain the dynamics of poverty under national standard lines into zero. For special policies, the poverty and resignation of medical insurance, the poverty, the low-conditioning family and the pension institution, send 10,000 masks and 2100 kilograms of murder supplies for the anti-vloising, helping more than 90 poor families to solve the online class equipment, distribute The difficult people rescue fund billions, ensuring that Xiaokang Road does not fall.

At the same time, I will continue to pay attention to the poverty reduction of Qingshan Village in Jinzhou Yixian and Huludao, "one-on-one" is tailored to help measures, and improve the help effectiveness.

Resolutely lay the pollution prevention and control.

Panjin City has a comprehensive admission of the political height of the maintenance of ecological security, and the comprehensive account of the sustainable development of ecological civilization. Work all over 12 provinces, complete "retreat and moist" 10,000 mu, accounting for nearly 15% of the wetland area of ??the wort, making more than 30 years of ecological construction arrears completely solved. International wetland urban certification is fully reviewed by domestic reviews and brocade gold medals. Continue to make the blue sky, clear water, and the pure land, the city’s excellent days reached 78%, the river policy, and the provincial control section achieved 100% standard. Panjin City is thousands of guarantees and improve people’s livelihood, and tightly do good people’s livelihood, and comprehensively improve the residents’ minimum living security, special difficult person’s rescue support, and realize the legacy of real estate registration history and investigate and investigate and deal with "double clear". Distributing a stable post and returned to fund billions, realizing a new urban new employment, urban registration unemployment rate, lower than the provincial assessment indicator. Promote the construction of "100 kilometers of greenways" "thousands of acres of urban green island" project, continuously improve urban quality and grade.

(Editor: Yin Baihan, filial piety).