Young players gradually move toward maturity

At the end of the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships, the Chinese table tennis team was played by young players, won the four champions in 5 single items, showing strong overall strength of the team, preparing for the new Olympic cycleA good head has reached the purpose of further exercise.Beijing time November 30, 2021 World Table Tennis Championships came to an end in Houston, USA.

After 7 days of fierce competition, the Chinese table tennis team from the young player won the four championships in 5 single items, Fan Zhendong, Wang Man, won the men’s singles, women’s single champion, Wang Mun / Sun Yusha won the female double championship,Wang Chuxin / Sun Yusha won the mixed double champion.During the World Table Tennis tour, the International Table Tennis Union held a congress, and passed the 2024 World Table Tennis Championships.Previously, the World Table Tennis Championship was originally scheduled to be canceled by the epidemic situation in Busan in Busan.

At the meeting, Liu Guoliang, chairman of China Table Tennis Association, was elected as the International Table Tennis Executive Vice-Chair. Fan Zhendong won the men’s singles champion because the Tokyo Olympic Games were held for one year, this single-time World Table Tennis tournament was only less than 4 months. In the meantime, the Chinese table tennis team also participated in the National Games, Table Tennis Super League. Waiting for the event, closing training, and adjust the preparation of the preparation.

In addition, the three team members of March, Xu Yong, Liu Shiwen were lacking, and the Chinese team of the young players was in the Chinese team of this World Table Tennis competition. In the highly eye-catching men’s singles, four of the five Chinese team players were divided into the upper half. Fan Zhendong was connected to the team friend Wang Chuxin, Lin Gaoyuan and Liang Jingkun, in the 30th final, the 19-year-old Swedish team is a teenager Morregard. The latter defeated the German team’s Francska and Boer and other good hands and impact.

In the end, Fan Zhendong, the world ranked first, played out in the game, defeating the opponent at 4:0, and won the men’s single champion.

Since the beginning of 2013, I have grinded the Table Tennis Table, Fan Zhendong finally wishes the holy, Hablet Cup that hosted the men’s singular honor, and became the thirty-five men’s singles champion in the history of the World Table Tennis. A men’s singles nine consecutive championships have been realized.

After Fan Zhendong, said: "The champion is not a final point, I hope I have a step by step.

"Despite the lost to Fan Zhendong in the men’s singles semi-final, Liang Jingming is still in the world. The men’s singles 1/8 finals and 1/4 finals he has passed through 7 games. The England team named Peeford and the Brazilian team player Hugo, followed to the World Table Table Table Table Tennis Championship after 2019. Compared to the Japanese men’s team and the Korean team player showed that the first three rounds The Japanese men’s team of this wisdom and the leading Japanese team have never been promoted. The only winner of the Korean team to advance the top 16, Lin Zhongxun, is also in Morregard, and has not advanced to the eighth. The Chinese team’s men’s double project did not be able to enter the finals. This project champion in the last single Table Tennis competition is the Chinese team’s Malone / Wang Chuxin.

The World World Table Tennis Tenniction, the Swedish team defeated the Chinese team two-to-semi-finals in the 1/4 finals and semi-finals, respectively, and the Gaogao / Liang Jingkun, and eventually win, this is the Swedish time 30 years of winning the world tennis champion. Wang Mang, won the women’s singles, the Chinese team is obvious on this World World Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Table Tennis Women’s Order Project is obvious, and 5 players are full, all of them are all stronger.

In the 1/4 final, Wang Yidi defeated the Japanese team’s Io Meicheng. Chen Meng defeated another Japanese team player Shichuan Jiachun, Sun Yizha defeated the Korean team’s cutting head Xu Xiaoyuan, Wang Mu, Wang Mun, a friend, Chen Xing, China Women’s team members Four strong seats. On the 30th, women’s singles final, symbolizing the women’s singular honor Ji Gatent Cup ushered in a new champion. Wang Mangxi and teammate Sun Yingsha used high quality attack and defense joints to give the audience a wonderful match.

In the end, Wang Manyu won 4:2, won the championship, and also became the thirty women’s singles champion in the history of the World Table Tennis.

After the game, the Chinese table tennis female team coach Li He said that in Wang Manyu and Sun Yusha, I saw the shadow of Wang Nan and Zhang Yining in the year. When the P card (substitute) is selected, the Tokyo Olympic Games lineup is selected and the team will win the female group gold medal, Wang Mang has a big increase, and grows rapidly.

At two months ago, she once defeated Chen Meng and Sun Yusha to win the women’s singles champion.

The benign competition in the team is the secret of the Chinese table tennis team to maintain a long and unsatisfactory. Over the years, the athletes have not arrogant and continue to fight. After Wang Manyu, I said: "Today’s finals don’t have a loser. I am chasing each other and make progress together. This is the rhythm of our continuous growth." The female double final seems to be the previous single-Table Table Table Table Table Table Table. The Chinese team combined Wang Men’s / Sun Yizha, the Japanese team combined with Ito Meicheng / early Opena, the former defeated the opponent by 3:0, successfully defended. Wang Manyu said that he and teammates have fully prepared for the difficulties that may encounter in this game before the game, and they can play more than the competition. This time, it is the first time in the World Table Tennis Championship, before the game, before the game, China Table Tennis Association and the US Table Tennis Association have submitted a cross-coordinated exchange to the interderation of the mid-all-in-one application, and approved.

Two pairs of combined Lin Gaoyuan (China Team) / Zhang An (US team) and Kanak (US team) / Wang Men (China team) temporary team participating team, although there is not much chance, but still show a certain competitiveness .

Lin Gaoyuan / Zhang An Yuzhi mixed doubles, Karnak / Wang Mun, stopped the double 16.

The Chinese team combined Wang Chuxin / Sun Yusha defeated the Japanese team combination Zhang Benzhi and / Opea Xina won the mixed double champion.

The Chinese team player is not the first time. In the Suzhou World Table Tennis Championships, the Chinese team members have participated in the competition with several foreign associations, including Xu Wei to partner, the Korean team player Liang Baiyin won the mixed double gold medal. In the 2017 World Tennis Championship, the Chinese team players Fang Bo partner German team player Soli got a mixed double quarter.

"Sports and cultural exchanges around the world through the interaction of the field are also integrated in the field.

"Liu Guoliang said, I hope to promote friendship between different countries and regions with table tennis as carriers.

This Table Tennis tournament, China table tennis team has opened a good head for the new Olympic cycle for the new Olympic cycle, and reached the purpose of further exercise. The Secretary-General of China Table Tennis Association, the head of China’s table tennis men’s team, said that the future will continue to temper young players, enhance their pressure-resistance, and the team will continue to investigate the performance of the players, and gradually select the lineup of the Paris Olympics.