Yangquan City has added 100 welfare lottery and sales outlets

A few days ago, in accordance with the construction of the construction of the Shanxi Fucai Socialization Camp, Yangquan Welfare Lottery Distribution Center adds 100 part management sales outlets in the city.

In order to meet the development needs of the lottery market, further enhance the continued health development capabilities of Fucai, the Provincial Welfare Lottery Distribution Center decided to carry out social concrete channel construction in the province. According to the provincial and municipal arrangement, the Municipal Welfare Lottery Distribution Center has established a new channel construction team to unify the construction of new channel construction. The construction of new channels is undertaken by Shanxi Color Pingfang Technology Co., Ltd., the site after-sales, maintenance, and standardization construction are the responsibility of the color square company.

The concluding sales outlets mainly set up in supermarkets, convenience stores, express delivery points and other places, and franchise stores, with small investment, small area, flexible sales, and so on.

Up to now, 100 eligible outlets have passed the audit and entered the device installation phase.

The relevant person in charge of the Yangquan Welfare Lottery Distribution Center said that in the future, it will continue to explore the new channels for the development of Fucai career in the future, so that more people participate in the public welcoming industry of Fucai, promote health and sustainable development of the health of the Yangquan City.

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