Pakistan said that Atta is sold to the US weapon to Pakistan. Atta.: It is strictly forbidden to flow out

  Overseas Network November 14th, Electrom Media reported that Pakistan was purchasing a US military in Afghan Taliban (Ata) to prevent the equipment from flowing into the Pakistani Taliban (Pata).

Attai local time is denied on Friday (12th). According to the Afghan Dawn News Network, Atta Temporary Government Ministry of Interior responded to Pakistan to provide US weapons and equipment reports, Taliban prohibited and severely punished firearms smuggling, which would not allow anyone to sell weapons.

Afghan Temporary government interior spokesman Sayedkhusti said in the tweet, Taliban is working hard to train a new army, they will need more weapons.

  Pakistan’s "Dawn" has reported that in order to ensure that the deadly weapons left by Americans in Afghanistan will not fall into Palta and other terrorists, Pakistan is repurchant in a large number of weapons. According to the report, Pakistan is exhausted by the Pakistan to ensure that the Bata militants cannot be exposed to these weapons, which may also provide some quasi-military forces in Pakistan. "Dawn" reported that it was estimated that the US military left nearly 200,000 fatal weapons in Afghanistan. These weapons are now occupied and used by the Afghan Taliban and its subsidiary agencies. (Overseas Network Hou Xingchuan).