Anshun City held an imported supervision warehouse work special meeting in imported cold chain food south district

In order to strengthen import of cold-chain food epidemic prevention and control, in order to solve the practical problems encountered by enterprises, combine the actual problems, combined with the actual situation, Anshun City added imported cold chain food south district concentration supervision. Recently, the Anshun City Cold Chain Logistics Group Office held a special meeting to arrange the relevant matters of the centralized supervision of the imported cold chain food. The deputy leader of the city-cooled logistics group, deputy director of the Office, Zhenzhong, deputy head of Zhenning Autonomous County, Xu Yang attended the meeting. The meeting made a clear job of work in the relevant functional departments, and conducted business guidance on the approval procedures of centralized supervisors, testing and anti-epidemic material reserves, and inspected reserves such as medical materials. The meeting requires that the relevant departments should improve the political station, profoundly recognize the severeness and complexity of the epidemic situation, and conscientiously perform their duties, coordinate and cooperate according to their respective responsibilities, and ensure the smooth operation of the centralized supervision; at the same time, to strengthen the concentration of cold chain food The training guidance and supervision of the supervisory warehouse running company is strictly followed by nucleic acid testing of cold chain food, personnel and external environment in strict accordance with the requirements. Centralized regulatory warehouse operations should fulfill the responsibility of good subjects, conscientiously implement the measures of the epidemic prevention and control, and cooperate with relevant departments in accordance with the requirements of "batch testing, disinfection" requirements to import cold chain food control measures, and strive to hold cold chain food Controlled safety bottom line. Anshun City and Zhenning County Market Supervision, Wei Jian, Public Security, Industrial Information and other departments are responsible for comrades, cold chain food centralized supervision warehouse operations companies (Guizhou Niu Zhixiang Industrial Co., Ltd.) person in charge and related administrators attended the meeting. (Li Jingjing) Source: (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.