Establish "six philosophy", do a good job in urban management in new era

The city is the city of the people, and it is a common community of all citizens. A city, in addition to government agencies, enterprises, non-government, and non-profit organizations, the most important thing is the people of the city owners.

If the urban management work is not good, it will not only harm the public interest of the broad masses of the people, which affects the image of the party committee in the people, but also has a negative impact on the image and reputation of the city, and drags the hind legs of economic and social development.

The urban management department is in the end of urban planning and construction management, with a penalty, the desit, and the single-style management model has not adapted to the modern urban governance requirements, and the management must engage in the pre-emphasis, the transfer, and form the source prevention, Intermediate supervision, end disposal of closed-loop, build urban "planning, construction, management, law enforcement, service" as a whole cycle, full coverage, all process collaborative promotion mechanism, introduce urban management in advance in urban planning, construction, environmental protection, etc. Working links, forming "tube, construction, rule, guarantee" interconnection, a benign circulation of synergistic development. City governance is not a government’s "one-man show", should be a "community" of all parties, doing a good job in urban management, both require the strength of the party committee and its components, and inseparable from the participation and action of the whole society, if only rely only Thousands of urban management players manage thousands of people, even if there are three-headed six arms, it is difficult to manage the city. Therefore, it should establish "big city management" concept and "a plate of chess" ideas, on the one hand, establish a "big city management" model characterized by comprehensive decision-making and coordinated management, coordinating administrative resources and social management resources, and integrates authoritative urban management Coordination mechanisms have contributed to a good synergy between urban management and various levels. On the other hand, establishing the concept of public governance in urban management, clarifying urban management is a multi-body public management, and the simply government function is returned to the co-responsibility of the government and society, and the establishment of a government macro-control, guarantee service, and society is widely involved. The new urban management system launched the whole society to build a community of urban governance. In recent years, Jinan City has a substantial change and improvement, and urban functions have realized the upgrade of the transfer, but some deep contradictions in urban management have not been fundamentally resolved, such as: urban management system is unusing, long-acting The mechanism is not perfect, the border of the duties is not clear, the department is not smooth, and the management standards are different, and the assessment is not scientific.

For these problems, the Jinan City Urban Management Bureau has carried out preliminary exploration and practice around the construction of "big city management" and urban governance community this year. It has been re-positioned, optimized and improved for the organization of the city management committee. Upgrading the municipal party committee secretary, mayor, the municipal party committee and municipal government to coordinate the organization, adjust the enriched member unit, improve the system mechanism, and give the urban management committee to coordinate and supervise and inspect the function, and give full play to the unified planning, coordination, command, supervision. , Assessment, scushing departmental relationship, promoting resource integration.

From the perspective of operation, the city management committee’s coordinated command capacity is strengthened. The overall operation enters a new stage, and the mechanism functions are more optimized, and the integrity of the integration is more similar. It is more efficient urban governance system being accelerating. The provincial capital of the Yellow River Basin, the Jinan City Urban Management Bureau and Rizhao, Binzhou, Jining, Liaocheng, Heze, Weifang, Yantai and other provinces in the provincial cities in the province of studying urban management work in-depth discussion, facing The common problem, different experience practices exchanged views and opinions, and also collided some new thinking, new ideas. Focusing on the construction of strong provincial capitals, the Jinan City Urban Management Bureau will lead to the establishment of a platform for the province’s city management alliance, build exchange learning, and continuously improve the leadership, radiation and first level of the provincial capital, and help the posture and quality standards of the provincial capital city. Strong provincial capital construction, this idea is fully affirmed and supported by the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Office.