Cheng Feng people speak Zhengqiao turbid to Yangqing people’s heart

  Longli County, Longri County, Guizhou Province, the town, the face of poor household Peng Guilin has a long-lost smile. During the prevention and control of the epidemic, he has always been able to do anything, and the economic pressure is increasing.

At the time of Peng Guilin, the volunteer service team of the Washing Hummer Town New Times Civilization Practice Office came, and sent the skills training and post-docking and other employment services.

"It can earn more than 2,000 yuan a month. The key is to learn technology. In order to develop experience in the future." In the coordination of the service team, the village engaged in fruit-growing fellow fellows, helping Peng Guilin got rid of life difficulties.

  "The fellows are busy working on, and the rural wind is zituded.

Yu Tinggang, director of the Zhima Town Community Office. In recent years, the new era civilization practice center has implemented in-depth implementation of the general speech of the general secretary of the close, vigorously promoting the core values ??of socialist core values, cultivating civilized and healthy lifestyle, and creates Chongde to good. Social atmosphere, effectively boost the spirit of the masses, enhance the grassroots cohesiveness.

  Suspension of trouble, teach people Chongde to Shanhua Town is a typical minority to concentrate on agricultural towns, most of the villages are remote, inconvenient transportation.

In response to this problem, there were more than 100 people in all industries in the Town of the New Times Civilization Practice of Hummer Town, set up a "salary" volunteer service team.

  Yu Tingang introduced that more than 100 members of the volunteer service team, including people in the town, accumulating more than 300 villagers provided employment services. In Longli County, there are 525 volunteer service teams like this, and the service time exceeds 1 million hours, and there are more than 100,000 party members of the countryside to participate.

  The urgency of the masses, think about the people think, the new era civilization practice center is pragmatic, in the process of solving problems for the people, vigorously promoting "I am a man, everyone is me" Chongde to good wind. Looking at the 4,000 yuan of help from the village, the villagers of the 14th Village of Wuling Town, Zhejiang Province, constantly express their gratitude. In the past few years, the wife suddenly was sick in bed, and the burden of life fell on the shoulders of the hand.

"Volunteers are helped for three days, and they will send help from the festival, I am grateful to everyone." "In order to solve the funding of civilized practice activities, the 14th Village set up Caring Fund, launching party members and cadres , Township enterprises, donation, homing, vulgar farmers, donation, villagers to help each other, donation, mainly for helping, care, public welfare and reward. At present, 65% of the villagers have spontaneously participate in the donation, and the Care Fund has accumulated 10,000 yuan, benefiting 449 people.

  After the establishment of the Caring Fund, the villagers’ cooperation with the village-level affairs, the support degree is greatly improved, and the lotus blossom park in the village has been successfully promoted.

Today, Zhang Shuiping has also joined the Village Volunteer Service Team, and I also actively sign up for the anti-prevention duty of the village. "I have been grateful to the help of the village, as long as I can make the village better, I am willing to participate." Zhang Shuiping said. "Caring Fund is not only a condensed, resolved contradiction, enhanced emotions, excited, and promoting the villagers Chongde to good, promoting the practice of township civilization, promoting civilized practice and opening up the service of the people ‘last kilometers." Zhuji Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department Wang Kongyu said that the city’s 476 administrative villages (residential, community) have achieved full coverage of the Care Fund, with a total of more than 51 million yuan, benefiting the masses more than 10,000 people. "We are planning the municipal civilization practice care fund, exploring the establishment of sustainable civilized practice investment mechanisms." Wang Kongyu said. Optimization mechanism, helping the benign development, and today, the villagers of Xunzun Village, Zhidan County, Shaanxi Province have a good place – Village Hall. This can be made, and the homes in the hanging road will not work.

From the idea, go to the exhibits, and then donate to donate, the township will make a lot of sound, and the results are good. As Xinxiangxian, the retired old cadres in the village, Cao Yaowen, also assumed the explanation of the Historiological Hall of the Hanging Village.

"An old object is a carrier of the thick home in the hunger.

One to the weekend holiday, the people in the Histori Museum are really a lot, not only the villagers love, but also the villagers like it.

"In Zhidan County, the township will become one of the important platforms of the new era civilization practice activities, and establish a relatively mature operating mechanism.

Cao Xinjian, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Zhidan County Committee, said, "Xinxiangxian is the guardian of excellent traditional culture in contemporary native, and is the socialist core values ??in the new rural advocates and practitioners.

The new township is not only leading the new wind, but also resolves the actual problems in the village, and let the rural civilization glow new weather.

"All localities are fully based on local characteristics, explore effective ways, establish and improve the mechanism, escorting the new era civilization practice activities.

  In the distance, the Qilian Mountain Mountain is stretched; in front of you, the vegetables are complete … Enter into the new food village of Jinchang City, Gansu Province, some old people are gather together to run cultural activities, and a small square in the green trees is laughing.

  The secretary of the village party branch is introduced that there are 887 people in New Full Village, 148 people over 60 years old. With a colorful civilized practice, the new grain village is working hard to build "filial piety village."

  New Full Village has also established a system of confident villagers. There was a contradiction in the famous villagers and parents and became the first annihilant in the village. Fresh text said: "We called him with the old man, see small squares from the village History, talked about it.

"At present, Jinchang City established two new era civilization practice center, 12 practice office, 156 practice stations, and 48 practical bases.

Each village has established a Moral Commentinth Council and the Villagers’ Council, constantly revision of the village regulations, and improve the award and punishment mechanism, achieving the physical governance and the virtual interaction of the villagers. Move the wind, the villagers, the villagers in Yangjiazi Village, Shunning Town, Xinfeng, Zhidan County, remember that when I married, a "civilized caravan" came to the scene, so that the whole atmosphere was more festive.

Volunteers in red vests sing the songs, saying the altime, the tablecloth, and the cutting dish, and it is too busy.

  "As long as the standard is happy, the ‘civilized caravan’ will send a festive and free food, not only give us a wedding ceremony, but also perform the literary show, not climbing is really called ‘has a face’!" Seeing in his own wedding There are so many volunteers to help, the groom official Bai Deping is happy. "Volunteers are doing a good thing, and our farmers like it, they can stick to it.

"The villager Li Zhixian, who participated in the White Wedding, said.

  "Civilized Caravan" is the characteristic civilization practice activities of Zhidan County.

In response to the depth of the mountain, the dispersion of the population is dispersed, the mass organization is difficult, and Zhidan County makes full use of rural wedding days, rural market, rural festival, seam pin to carry out the "civilized caravan" volunteer service activities, around the party’s policy, laws and regulations , Transferring the wind, cultural and life, etc. In recent years, all local innovation methods, measures, let the new doors, the funeral, and small things do not become a new style of civilization. Since 2018, Jiangxi Province, Zhuoxu County has been working on the new era civilization practice activities, and focus on promoting the wind.

"The biggest change is the ideological concept." Chen Sheng Tao, secretary of the party branch of Nanqiao Town, Nanqiao Town, the county.

Chen Sheng Tao introduced that high-rise villages established a civilized practice council to establish a civilized practice council, improve the village regulations, and formed a red and white report filing system. From the brief red and white, it greatly reduces the economic burden of the villagers. From simplified red and white, seek to play the lead to lead the lead in the new era civilization practice council. Carry forward the new wind, resist the good atmosphere of the ruthless wind. Sourceph "STYLE =" Display: None ".