Eight thousand kg cabbage should be rotten in the ground love relay to help the couple

  On December 6, Miao Lin, community staff member, Northeast Village, Huancui Building, Weihai City, Shandong Province, reflected that the reporters of Qi Lu, Zi Lu, reported that the cabbage of the village of the Town, Chuang Village is in the harvest season, but lying No one harvest in the ground. Seeing that the weather is colder one day, no need to sell it, and cabbage will be rotated. In the winter of the north, Chinese cabbage is an absolute "as a house", mix, stir, stew, marina.

This winter, the cabbage of the winter is affected by the season, weather, and epidemic, the price rises, and the market is sold in the market. How does the cabbage of this place may be rotten to receive a report, the reporter decided to drive to an exploration.

  The top beam column was car accident, and the cabbage was not received on the 7th. The reporter learned in the village of Weihai Chuancun Town, the 58-year-old villager Kochi, because the wife who had mental illness is not allowed to go out, so an acre Wills have become the main source of his family. Under the careful care of Cark, the summer is mainly watermelon. In winter, the cabbage is mainly cabbage, self-producing sales, not only carrying the costumes such as women and wife, but also bear some of the treatment costs of their wife.

  Recently, at 3:30 in the morning, Cokeping must raise the halver to drive the cabbage to sell cabbage in the first village market, Zhangcun 集, 云 集,. In the early market, I can’t finish it, and then go to Zhangcun Night Market to continue selling, usually at home from 5 pm. After taking care of the sick wife finished dinner, the sky was dark, with the night, and the Cookupi had to pick it up into the cabbage to sell the next day.

The buse of the city, the small hand tractor of the Cark Pacific is in close up for nearly two hours. On November 26, Quick is like usually going to the Yunji City, and I want to take a good place to take a good place to get a good benefit. Unexpectedly, when the stadium in Weihai, the rear of the private car chased the tail, even the people rushed to the roadside, the cabbage rolled down, and then sent to Jin Bay Hospital by 120 ambulance.

After examination, the cerebral shades of Cark, the ribs were also broken, and they were hospitalized. He is so serious that he is sitting in the hospital, and it is in a hurry.

  According to the village of the same village, the wife of the Cark Pace has mental illness, and sometimes she cuts the clothes into a thoughts, and all the food in the refrigerator will put all the food into the pot, and life cannot be self-care and will make dangerous behavior.

Because the wife is not taken care of at home, Cark is unable to stay inneression, plus eight thousand kg cabbage in the ground, the body is creating the psychological pressure of the body.

  Under the love relay, eight thousand kg cabbage sells optical reporters in three days, quickly spreading the information that Cark Pace needs to be rescued. After the spread of the message, a love relay is unfolded in this winter. Yan Jiazun Village Committee launched a villager to help the book, and contracted 1600 pounds of the Ghouli Town government; many people from the public from the food to buy cabbage, sent to the nearby nursing home and old apartment … Just two days Nearly 5,000 catties.

  The young volunteers of the Weihai Branch of the China Agricultural Bank of China have learned that after this news, decided to launch a precise help and collect all the rest of the cabbage. On the afternoon of December 9, Zhao Wei, deputy secretary of the party committee and deputy director, led the young volunteers and tens of people, and took the tool into the village. The reporter saw that in the caucasian place in Cark, the red volunteer vest is particularly dazzling. They are busy, they are busy, and some are responsible for harvest cabbage, some pack cabbage roots and residual leaves, some busy handling, dividing the division to shuttle in the cabbage. Only two hours of time, there will be two thousand kg cabbage to pick up the profile.

  The neighbors of the Cark Pace will be in the village early, waiting for the arrival of volunteers.

"If you are not you, these cabbage is enough for us. These neighbors are busy for a few days. The cabbage is so bad, I have been worried about it." Zhang Daxie said.

After Zhang Dad, he helped the busy and uncle, this rustic and comfortable rural uncle said, "You can still don’t care about him!" These cabbages who know that they can be used for units. After the cafeteria, Uncle enthusiastically made volunteers to take some cabbage to try. Volunteers refused to say that they can provide help for villagers.

In the end, the Agricultural Bank Weihai Branch puts all the two thousand kilograms of cabbage in the form of donation.