CMA: meteorological support services at a high level of economic and social development of high-quality

[Struggle a century road sail on a new journey of Learning History enlightened thought and do practical things to open a new bureau] "meteorological forecasting and early warning for disaster prevention is more time!" "What a ‘thirst’ rain!" CMA-depth party group this year carry out the "people-oriented, life-oriented" theme of practical activities to promote meteorological departments at all levels and the majority of forecasters to improve political stance, continue to carry forward the spirit of the weather, heritage red gene in party history study and education, the efforts to improve forecast accuracy, timeliness warning extended , adhere to the weather service flood season and major events in meteorological support services for the early Republican heart, hope to solve the problem of the masses distress worry, tangible results and praise, people get a sense of meteorological services, well-being, a sense of security is growing.

Flood season this year, frequent retransmission of extreme weather and climate events to the weather service brings new situation and new challenges, make accurate forecasts responsibility.

Since September, heavy rain area frequently, Huaxi autumn early start time, the middle reaches of the Yellow severe autumn floods, most historical rainfall over the same period.

National forecaster at all levels continue to enhance the overall awareness and sense of responsibility, initiative and creativity to enhance the performance of their duties, and constantly improve the precision forecasting and early warning capabilities autumn floods, further temper party spirit, serve the people, promote the development of the unremitting exercise.

October 5, Yellow No. 3 of 2021 flood generation. 9 days, the Yellow River flood spate Number three games.

The middle reaches of the Yellow River above normal rainfall anomalies, frequent heavy rainfall, extreme regional significantly.

Severe autumn floods affecting the people, the Central Meteorological Station and Gansu, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Shandong Provincial Meteorological Bureau and other related businesses to abandon leave, adherence to positions further strengthen tributaries, upstream and downstream along the rivers defense linkage, to protect the Yellow River Alan.

Yuanhuai Ting Shanxi Province Meteorological Station chief forecaster, Lanzhou Central Meteorological Observatory chief forecaster Di Xiaohong and other experts, combined with local knowledge to provide strong support for the forecast to determine the upper reaches. "Extreme means rare and difficult to grasp.

"In the middle reaches of the Yellow River, the Provincial Meteorological Station chief forecaster Meteorological Station chief forecaster of Shaanxi Province Chen Xiaoting Liu Yong and cooperation on duty, combined with the experience revised the forecast for cold air to grasp the pattern deviations and other issues. Protection of major events subject practice test results.

The evening of September 27, with the Xi’an Olympic torch tower gradually extinguished, the 14th National Games wonderful ending.

The fourteenth session of the National Games in moderate rain the previous day up to the Games, the cumulative rainfall maximum.

The Department of National Meteorological Services of wisdom, power move departments, the national forecaster rush to the rescue, provincial forecasters "moves", set the wisdom to deal with 13 days of rainfall events in 10 days, 5 days of heavy rain inclement weather to accurately forecast high quality of service Games opening and closing ceremonies.

September 17, the 12th manned spacecraft Shenzhou-entry capsule landed safely in the east of the landing site predetermined area, which is inseparable from accurate meteorological elements behind the service. "300 meters below the shallow wind speed can not be more than 15 m / sec ……" Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Meteorological Station chief forecaster cloud Jingbo introduction, the Party Group to strengthen the regional weather bureau forecaster ability to apply technology, send the backbone stationed in Dongfeng Aerospace City, twice daily elements forecasting and provide high-altitude winds, shallow wind forecast. On a breakthrough new technology to improve the accuracy of predictions of the journey, forecasters explore never-ending.

Has many years of experience in the China Meteorological Administration forecast the typhoon typhoon and Marine Meteorology Forecast Center, Senior Engineer Lvxin Yan, the Beijing University of Posts and research vortex intelligent recognition technology based on artificial intelligence cooperation to promote the typhoon. Zhejiang Meteorological Observatory will try typhoon rainfall revised growth topography and other new technologies into the severe weather forecasting method to predict the objective product.

"Quasi-symmetrical sliding of training" and other model elements, chief forecaster of Fujian Province Qi-tree research the optimal combination of the revised plan, typhoons and storms forecast further crack problem. November 4, China Meteorological Administration, Education Leading Group Office of the Party Group History Learning issued "on the carry out the" people-oriented, life-oriented "theme of practical activities of special study," which further the "people-oriented, life-oriented" theme of practical activities lead to depth.

China Meteorological Administration party secretary Zhuang Guotai, said: "This year, in the face of extreme weather and climate events GF, frequent, strong hair, complicated by the grim situation, the meteorological department adhere to the ‘people-oriented, life-oriented’, continued to study History Education glow of ambition into national service, service powerful kinetic energy of the people, accurate forecasting and meteorological services in major flood events in meteorological support services, fine service, excellent work has been the CPC Central Committee, State Council and local party committees and governments at all levels full recognition and high praise. we will further carry out the ‘people-oriented, the supremacy of life’ theme of practical activities, and play a good first line of defense meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation action in order to guarantee a high level of meteorological services of high quality economic and social development. "(this newspaper reporter Yuan Yu Fei).