Hangzhou "Lakeside Basin" studio people’s observers

  "The micro update of the old community and the installation of the elevator should be processed for the new issue, and to the new issue as soon as possible to deal with it." House living in Hangzhou Shangcheng Youth Road Community, Ling Guou, looking at a station in the past few years The elevator is stationed in the community. In addition to everyone who is universally listened to the senior elderly, Ling Guogang also heard a lot of other comments and suggestions. "The old community installed elevators just solved the problem of the old man climbing the building, and the environment, parking, order, etc. of the community were not improved, and it may be worse because of the installation of the elevator.

For example, many residents reflect, after installing the elevator, the corridor is like a ‘bunker’, the distance between the corridor and the corridor is narrow, very indiscriminate.

"The 73-year-old Ling Baoguang, in the Shangcheng District," Hunbin Bin "studio has been a 6-year observer, he said that as the scale of the old cell transformation is expanding, the exposure problem is getting more and more prominent.

Through field visits and inspections, Ling Guogu submitted the relevant opinions and recommendations of this issue to the "Lakeside Basin" studio. The monthly summary, organizing, and reporting the observation of the people’s observers, it is the tradition of "Lakeside Basin" studio has been established for more than 10 years. Xu Limin, director of the studio, told reporters that there were 75 people in the studio of "Bin Bin Rain" student, including the "two generations of members", residents, community cadres, young social workers, etc. After 2009, the company has collected various advice 2 More than 10,000 strokes have driven more than 1,800 people’s livelihood difficulties.

A few days ago, when he decided to convene a few people’s observer, talking about some problems with highlighting the people. In the conversation, the word "old cell transformation" has the highest frequency. Li Jun, the people’s observer, said that some old communities lack overall design during the transformation process, did not change to the people of the people.

It is recommended to use the renovation of funds to solve the problem of difficulty in the old community, and the conditional old communities can build an underground garage, which can provide a harmonious parking environment for their residents, but also improve the spatial space of the old community. Xie Wei believes that in recent years, in recent years, the old community has been safely promoted, and it is indeed beneficial to the masses, but the transformation of the old community should not only stare at the installed elevator.

For example, some old communities themselves have poor, the facilities are incomplete, so that the old rooms are equipped with elevators, the living conditions are also improved.

In addition, because many installed elevators are built outdoor, not only crowded the residents’ movable space, but also the metal facade or glass facade also added household installation and daily maintenance costs. The people’s observers Zhang Qiubo and Zheng Weihua have proposed that the people’s livelihood issues "old breaks" in the "old break" in the "old break" in the "old break" in the "old break" are required as soon as possible.

  Wang Zi Road, the people’s observer near the Hubin Street Community Health Service Center, has put forward suggestions for the supporting medical care near the old community. With the landing of ‘two children’ three children ‘policies, the community health service centers must add’ children’s diagnosis.

This is not only the initiative of sinking medical resources to the community, and greatly reduces the burden of parents’ big hospitals.

"Prince said.

  "The Lakeside Bin Rain" studio as a grassroots community social organization, built the government and the communication between the government and the people in communication with the people. I hope that Hangzhou can do more and better on the smooth public opinion channel. The concept of grassroots autonomy, democracy, promotes people’s livelihood is more deeply rooted.

"Xu Li Min said. (Editor: Ai Yu, Wang Liwei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.