State Food and Material Reserve: Strengthen the supervision and inspection of grain and oil acquisitions to ensure the interests of farmers breeding farmers

  Guangming Daily, Beijing, May 30th (Reporter Chen Chen) The National Food and Material Reserve Bureau recently announced the "Notice on Doing the Supervision and Inspection of Grain and Oil acquisitions in 2022", requiring all units in various places Special rectification in the field of grain purchase and sales, carefully analyze the hidden dangers of risks, clarify the responsibilities of all parties, highlight the supervision and inspection of the two markets of policy collection and storage and market -oriented acquisition, and effectively protect the interests of farmers breeding farmers. The notice requires the strengthening of the supervision and inspection of policy grain acquisitions, and strengthen the supervision and inspection of the minimum acquisition price of grain acquisition, especially fixed -point, acquisition and acceptance links. In the fixed -point link, in the process of checking the policy of policy grain, whether there are violations of procedures, poor review, and fraudulent fraud, check whether the designated enterprises have bad credit records, financial financial status, etc., prevent violations of regulations, etc., and investigate national policies Sexual grain collection and storage databases determine whether the process is reasonable and compliant, whether there are illegal rental or entrusted grain storage, enabled the warehouse houses that have not been approved and reviewed on the spot, enabled hidden safety hazards or corporate warehouses related to grain cases, etc. illegal regulations, etc. Behavior. In the acquisition process, check the implementation of the empty warehouse inspection and acceptance system, the acquisition process and business management situation, and check whether the quality and safety inspection system of the grain acquisition enrollment is strictly implemented, and the national related quality and food safety standards, and whether the national increase is strictly implemented. Whether there are illegal acts such as "charging good times", "receiving and turning", "turning around", "Chen Dingxin", "mixed with fakes", "refusing to accept qualified food" and other illegal acts and other illegal acts; There are illegal acts such as deduction subsidies, "white bars" or arrears of grain sales of farmers, or whether there is a risk of "difficulty in selling food". Check whether there is a phenomenon of entering the storage acceptance, false acceptance, whether the quality of the foundation of the foundation and the unqualified food safety indicators discovered in a timely exit policy acquisition and properly disposed of, whether the standards of strict quantities, quality management files are established, whether The inspection found that the inventory behavior of the inventory of the inspection found through the landfill impurities is seriously handled. The notice pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the supervision and inspection of market -oriented grain and oil acquisition.

Increase the supervision and inspection of the order of grain and oil acquisition market, check whether the grain collection and storage enterprises will be recorded in accordance with relevant regulations, and whether the acquisition varieties, quality requirements, quantity (price) discount rules, 12325 national grain and material reserves supervision supervision of the acquisitions in the acquisition venue Hotlines and other information; focus on strengthening the on -site supervision and inspection of grain and oil acquisition activities, and investigate whether there are not timely payment of food money, pit farmers and farmers.

Regarding whether the central grain enterprise urges direct enterprises and its rental storage spots, entrusts the storage of storage points to strictly implement the national grain and oil acquisition policy, take practical measures, strictly regulate the purchase of grain and oil acquisitions, funds settlement work processes, and prevent any form of "white strips" and so on. Obligation to sell food for farmers selling food.

Strengthen the cooperation of cross -departmental cooperation in law enforcement inspections, establish and improve the joint law enforcement mechanism, severely crack down on price illegal acts such as pressure -level prices, hoarding, and raising prices, and create a market environment of integrity operations and fair transactions.

Coordinate the promotion of grain and oil acquisition and epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the awareness of service of agriculture, meet the needs of farmers sales, and allow farmers to pay "understanding food", "rest assured food", "comfortable food".

(Responsible editor: Chang Bangli).