Shanghai Game Products Welcome "Original God" Chinese Wind Circle Powder Overseas Players

Shanghai game products are popular internationally, helping the traditional Chinese culture "going out" "Original God" "Chinese style" circle powder overseas players ■ Reporter Zhang Yi reporters recently learned from the 2022 Shanghai Internet Publishing Management Conference that in the past One year, a number of head enterprises with revenue exceeding 10 billion yuan emerged in Shanghai, and the scale of the Shanghai Internet publishing industry has grown further. Not only that, represented by Miha Touring "Original God", Shanghai game products are widely popular internationally, helping to "go global" in traditional Chinese culture.

I am marvel at the charm of traditional Chinese culture. "This is the first time I have listened to Chinese opera. Now I can’t help but play." . "These popular comments are from the hands of overseas players in the game" Original God ". On the eve of the Spring Festival, Shanghai game company Mihayou specializes in "The Original God" to create a video of the opera singing section "The View of the Goddess", which has made many overseas players marvel at the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

On the overseas live broadcast platform Twitch, the live broadcast of the "Goddess of Woman" trailer attracted 600,000 netizens to watch, equivalent to 30%of the platform audiences watching the "Original God" channel; 10,000 times.

The protagonist of this drama videos is the new role of "The original God", "Yun Yan", sighing, a smile, full of "Chinese style".

According to Liu Wei, the founder and president of Mihayou, the design inspiration of the character in the game in the game comes from the heroes such as Hua Mulan, Mu Guiying, Liang Hongyu and other heroes. Patto Huadan Yang Yang dubbing and singing.

"In the 13 languages ??such as Sino -British and Western France, the part of Chinese opera music all retained Chinese singing. The purpose is to allow global players to enjoy the original Chinese love and Oriental rhyme." Overseas, "Original God" A wave of global "fans" for the Chinese opera art circle. After watching "The View of the Goddess", countless netizens poured into the Peking Opera videos released by CGTN (China International TV) two years ago. In just a few days, the video playback volume increased by more than 10,000.

The game has become a "innovative variable" in the past year, and the Shanghai Internet Publishing industry has handed over a dazzling transcript. According to preliminary statistics, the Shanghai game industry achieved sales revenue of 125 billion yuan, an increase of%year -on -year, accounting for one -third of the country.

Online literature achieved sales revenue of 13.3 billion yuan throughout the year, a year -on -year increase of%. The overall scale of the e -sports market reached 28.3 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of%. Among them, the revenue directly related to the event was 100 million yuan, occupying half of the country, and the status of Shanghai Network Publishing Town has more consolidated.

In the context of the normalization of the epidemic, Shanghai online publishing enterprises actively explore the new development model. "In the absence of online events, we founded a new online competition brand.

Gu Liming, senior vice president of Perfect World.

Since 2020, the DOTA2 Vocational Tour (DPC) and Perfect World Professional League (PWL) have been established one after another, and the live broadcast stream has been pushed to major platforms at home and abroad with remote production models. Shengqu Game actively explores the cross -border possibility of "game+".

Taking "Game+Education" as an example, the dramatic functional games developed by Shengqu and the Normal University have become courseware for primary and secondary school students to learn traditional culture; take "Game+Red" as an example, and use VR, AR, holographic image , Naked Eye 3D and other technologies, creating a space for digital party history education "revival · Song", exploring new paths for the digital development of red cultural tourism.

"With the advancement of science and technology, the game has the first -mover advantage in the personalized creation of digital content, the research and reserves of human -machine interaction mechanisms, and the commercialization capabilities for end users.

Xie Fei, president of Century Huatong Group, said, "The game can quickly integrate into more digital application scenarios, become ‘innovative variables’, and release greater value in many areas such as education, medical care, cultural heritage, and scientific research.

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