The first domestic single green debt investment plan successfully landed in Jiangxi

People’s Daily Online, Nanchang, March 10 (Reporter Qin Haifeng) The reporter learned from the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Transportation on the 10th that the "Ping An-Jiangxi Traffic Infrastructure Infrastructure Green Credit Investment Plan" successfully landed, and Jiangxi Provincial Transportation Investment Group has completed the first fund A withdrawal. The plan has been registered through the China Insurance Asset Management Industry Association in the early stage, with a total investment scale of 3.5 billion yuan. Essence

It is understood that the funds raised by the debt preservation plan were mainly used for debt replacement of Nanchang to Ningdu highway projects. The Changning Expressway mainly passes through the forest parks and nature reserves of Yongfeng Water Purch, Ningdu Lianhua Mountain, Ningdu Cuiwei Mountain and other countries.

In order to maximize the impact of the ecosystem of the nature reserve, the project uses the method of bypassing, bridges, and tunnels in multiple sections to implement special protection on ecological sensitive areas. In addition, the Changning High Speed ??Project also improves the surrounding ecological environment, improves the efficiency of resource utilization, promotes energy conservation and emission reduction through road greening projects, construction waste circulation projects, and ETC construction projects.

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