Persist in "letter" as the soul of the cadre team building

Artificial intelligence reading: firm beliefs, beliefs, and confidence of victory are the strength of our second century -old goal. At present, Shenzhen is in an important node driven by the "dual district" drive, "dual district" superimposed, and the "double reform" demonstration. With faith, faith, and confident team. Faith, belief, and confidence are crucial at any time. As small as a person, a collective, as large as a political party, a family, and a country, as long as they have faith, belief, confidence Brave. This is the powerful spiritual forces we defeat all strong enemies, overcome all difficulties, and seize all victory. Strengthen political responsibility, use firm beliefs, and take the road of rushing to the exam. There is faith in my heart, and there is strength under my feet.

The reason why the Red Army’s conquest can win is that the Chinese Revolution can succeed, and the Communist Party of China does not depend on the ideal of revolutionary ideals than heaven.

In 1927, Li Dazhao shouted that "Communism must have a glorious victory in China", and heroic righteousness; in 1928, Xia Minghan wrote down "It doesn’t matter, as long as you are true", and sacrificed vigorously; in 1935, Qu Qiubai smiled and said " "This place is very good," and calmly … In the new era, we must take the study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics as the primary political task, adhere to the "first issue" learning system, and build " Learn to interpret, study and practice, and evaluate the learning mechanism, do a good job of party history learning, build ideological security lines, effectively enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen the "four self -confidence", achieve "two two maintain". Keep the spirit of the struggle, use the belief of Ru Pan, and take the road to catching the exam.

"If you don’t stand up, the world is unsuccessful.

"The shaking of ideals and beliefs is the most dangerous shake, and the landslide of ideals and beliefs is the most dangerous landslide. Whether our party is strong and powerful, it depends on whether the whole party is firm in ideals and beliefs, but also depends on each party member. Is it firm?

Belief Ru Pan must not only say that there must be in our hearts. We must strengthen the education of ideals and beliefs for leading cadres. There are actual achievements in Ren; beliefs such as Pan should usually be located with the crisis. We must scientifically coordinate the planning and construction of the cadre team, strengthen the construction of grassroots party members and party organization leaders, and implement the "specialty on the top line, the first -line education talents". Cultivate the mechanism, put cadres in urgent and difficult and dangerous positions such as epidemic prevention and control, land acquisition and demolition, and transportation remediation. It really allows the cadres to stand out at a critical time. The ability to fight, be a "vanguard, pioneer" for reform and opening up. Cultivation is a feeling, and use the confidence of winning, and take the road of rushing to the exam. From Shiku to Tianan, from Xingye Road to Fuxing Road, our party is born for others, and is promoted by people.

Man is the biggest base of our party’s governance, and it is also our greatest confidence in taking the road to rush.

We must always resolutely implement a series of instructions of Comrade Jinping’s instructions on improving work and close contact with the masses, and vigorously promote the party’s fine traditions and works in the leadership team and cadres; , Solidly carry out the practical activity of "I do practical things for the masses"; we must always adhere to and improve the group -type contact service masses, leading cadres to hang points communities, cadres to claim volunteer service matters, etc., and promote cadres, especially young cadres to the masses, to the masses. To go, the ability and ability to improve the work of doing mass work in solving contradictions and problems. However, it is difficult, and Fang Xianyong; only his deeds can be precious.

We must strengthen the beliefs of Editism, the belief in socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the confidence in the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese ethnic group, and focus on ensuring that "the successor has someone", and strive to create a good faith, faith, and confidence. The team contributes talent for Baoan to take the road to rush to the new era.

(Cao Jingzhang).